Directed Studies Art Gallery Talks

Yale is privileged to be home to two of the greatest university art collections in the country, housed at the Yale University Art Gallery (YUAG) and the Yale Center for British Art (YCBA). Each semester, Directed Studies offers opportunities to study closely a few select works under the guidance of a Yale curator. These DS Gallery Talks take place at 4pm in the Yale University Art Gallery or the Yale Center for British Art. The topics of the DS Gallery Talks for 2016–17 are:

Fall semester: 

  • Greek Vase Painting with Susan Matheson, Curator of Ancient Art (Thursday, October 6, 4pm)
  • Exploration of Medieval Art with Laurence Kanter, Chief Curator of the YUAG and specialist in Italian Medieval painting (Thursday, December 8, 4pm)

Spring semester:

  • Exploration of the Renaissance with Laurence Kanter, Chief Curator of the YUAG (Thursday, February 23)
  • Romantic Painters, sneak preview of the new YCBA Constable & Turner galleries with Scott Wilcox, Deputy Director for Collections (Wednesday, March 1)
  • Modernist Art with Pam Franks, Seymour H. Knox Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art (Tuesday, April 11)
  • “Material Culture of the Civil War and Reconstruction,” with John Stuart Gordon (Friday, April 28)

In addition to the Gallery Talks, we’re putting together a “virtual gallery” of artworks to complement texts we study in DS. If you’d like to help curate the “virtual gallery”, please contact the DUS at

We also encourage you to explore course offerings in the Department of History of Art.