After DS

Seniors Reflect on their DS Year

Program director Dr. Katja Lindskog interviews four current/rising seniors about their experience in DS and how they feel DS has helped and impacted their experience at Yale. Speaking from left to right are: JT Mullins (EP&E major, Pauli Murray, ’23), Nick Jacobson (EPE major, Trumbull ’24), Elizabeth Levie (Art History major, Branford ’24), Raja Moreno (Mathematics major, Pauli Murray ’24), and Katie Taylor (History major, Branford ’24). 

What next?

Directed Studies has helped you lay a strong foundation for your next three years at Yale and beyond. This page provides information on ways to keep connected to DS and some thoughts about choosing courses sophomore year.

Want to keep involved with Directed Studies?

Become a DS Ambassador!

The Directed Studies Ambassadors are former DS students who volunteer to speak or correspond with incoming freshmen about their experience in Directed Studies. The Ambassadors host a reception during Bulldog Days for potential DS students, and an informal “meet-and-greet” right before the start of fall classes for the new DS students. The DUS calls upon Ambassadors throughout the year to reach out to potential DS students who have questions about the program.

The DS Ambassadors are often the source of inspiration for post-DS activities such as the 2014-15 Post-DS Reading Groups. If you are interested in becoming a DS Ambassador, please email Katja Lindskog, at

Join the Directed Studies Student Advisory Committee

The DS SAC is made up of former DSers who advise the DUS on matters relating to Directed Studies. We meet variously throughout the year to provide feedback on new initiatives as well as to brainstorm about all things DS. If you are interested in being contacted about SAC meetings, please email Katja Lindskog, at

Join us for the Colloquia

All former DS students are warmly welcome to the DS colloquia. These are opportunities to catch up with other former DSers, to meet students from this year’s class, and of course, to satisfy your insatiable curiosity about the Western Tradition. Read more about DS Colloquia here.