Archaeologies of Mediation, a Lecture Series

Event time: 
Monday, November 7, 2022 - 4:00pm
Event description: 

Professor Antonio Somaini (Sorbonne University, Paris) has given four related guest lectures to DS students and faculty during Fall 2022, all on the theme of media theory and Ancient Classics.

Lecture 1: “Let There Be Light,” Friday September 23, 11:35am-12:25pm

Lecture 2: “Plato’s Khôra: The Formless Receptacle of All Forms,” Monday October 3, 4:00pm

Lecture 3: “Aristotle’s Metaxy: The Medium of Perception,” Monday October 24, 4:00pm

Lecture 4: “Lucretius’s Simulacra: The Aerial Flow of Images,” Monday November 7, 4:00pm