DS Screening: Arrival

Event time: 
Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - 7:00pm
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When: December 3, 7:00pm

Where: Room 108 WHC for Pizza, then the WHC Auditorium for the film at 7:30.

We experience time as having a certain rhythm. If we were to speed time up, then every event and fact about what occurred during the time would be the same. But we would experience things very differently – just as we experience a film at 2x speed very differently from a film at 1x speed. What is the nature of our experience of time, such that its rate of passing is so important to us? And in what way is it important to us? Arrival (2016) is a recent science fiction film that explores these questions. It touches not only on texts that we have already read (for instance, on the different conceptions of time one finds in the ancient Greeks as against what one finds in the monotheists) – it also hearkens forward to texts we will be reading next semester by Kant, de Beauvoir, Proust, and Woolf.