A Somali Tempest?

Event time: 
Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 4:00pm
Lindsey Chittenden Hall Room 102 See map
Event description: 

Toni Dorfman, a professor and former DUS of Yale’s Theater Studies department, will lead a discussion on her 2014 production of William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” Bringing the text to life with a group of students in THST 383A, Dorfman portrayed the enchanted island as a strip of land off the coast of Somalia, tying the play’s spirits to Somali pirates. The colloquium will highlight the terror behind the fantastical worlds that are so central to Shakespearean comedies, and how an artist responds to the darkness of enchantment. Dorfman will present her view of the script’s central questions, which stimulate directors, actors, and audience members alike even after the curtain goes down